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JUMPING C4R & Takizawa Kabuki

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed the first time I heard the songs in the album. I was after all hooked to JUMP because of their cool songs like Ride With Me, Come Back..? and Forever from their sm3art album. This album is full of cutesy songs so I felt meh about it. Listening to them again though, I have to say they've grown onto me, especially Walk and Shen Shera Shen. They have that enjoyable tune to them and are easy on the ears. My favourite is...I don't know what it is, the title is filled with Kanji. Koi yo, boku wo something something. Oops. Anyway, JUMP IS LOVE! xD

Takizawa Kabuki was awesome! My favourite parts were the horror section, the dance in European/pirate clothing and last but not least the SG50 special! Really Takki, you are too sweet, considerate and kind. Thank you so much for celebrating Singapore's 50th with us. Rasa Sayang felt like a Shokura episode, with the juniors coming down from stage and dancing in the audience. I was so lucky to sit almost right next to the aisle(my friend was sitting beside me in the aisle seat); I got to wave at Snow Man's Sakuma Daisuke who was right beside my friend and I and HE HAPPILY WAVED BAAAACK which basically made me fall in love haha! I really hope Snow Man gets to debut now; all of them look gorgeous and are so talented! The juniors were especially sweet to the SG kids who took part in Rasa Sayang; while they stood in front of them on stage during the performance, they constantly looked back, smiling and encouraging them. Johhnys sure are kira kira and yasashii ne~

I wasn't able to buy any goods because the line was CRAZY and it was a night show and I had work the next day so nu-uh man. nu-uh. But I got a stroke of good luck and an acquaintance of mine bought the booklet for me when she was lining up! Can't wait to get it from her <3.

Apologies for no photos; I'm typing this on my laptop and all my photos are in my phone.


Talk about monotonous

The older you get, the more sleep you need.

I still remember studying till 2am for A Levels and being able to concentrate in school the next day. Some days I become insomniac, falling asleep only at 5.40am when I have to get ready for school from 6.15. Nowadays I can't function for even 6 hours straight if I get less than 8 hours of sleep.

I can't help it though; working has taken up the usual 10 hours of me-time I had during the holidays that recently I would force myself to enjoy (read: watch youtube videos HAH) till late at night even though I know I need the sleep. Last night was the worst by far; I was so into a walkthrough that I just HAD to know the ending. The result: zooming through 15 videos and sleeping at 2 in the morning. I am now currently yawning every 10 minutes. I'm glad my work quality hasn't been affected.

Oh, right. I got a job! Did I even make an entry about graduation? I can't remember. That's how little I think of it HAHA. Work too. No celebratory post huh...

There's nothing to celebrate anyway; it's a dead-end, contract, admin, non-degree job. But the environment is positive, the work isn't boring and I am enjoying myself. Will I stay though? No. I am not going to waste 3 years of university education just to do something that doesn't require one. I still don't know what sort of job suits me, though I know what I like. I love animals! So even though I'm not a lifescience major I really hope my future permanent job will be one related to animals that requires a degree (and hence will give a decent pay).

On 1 August I went to catch the movie premiere of Attack on Titan. It was disappointing. End of story. I only went to get the goods; the poster is cool and the files I will keep unused. Foreverrr.

One last thing before I go. Thank you all who read my fan report on waku waku! 100% you won't see this but still thank you! My next japanese/Johnny's event is Takizawa Kabuki so I think I will be writing a report on that too. Great, only 2 weeks left to brush up my japanese before the special day...IKUZO!!
Here is my own report on Arashi no Waku Waku Gakko that was streamed live in Singapore on Sunday, 28 June 2015, 10am - 12ishpm. I basically wrote this for myself, so that I won’t forget what happened. Feel free to read this if you are interested. A few disclaimers to take note off:

1. I've only completed the beginner level in Japanese, but my current level is way below that since I haven't been practising/continuing my studies for the past 2 months and have forgotten probably half the grammar and vocabulary I learnt. Thus interpretation and assumption of what the boys have said can be up to 100% wrong. Can be.

2. I have goldfish memory BUT no worries because I wrote the content down immediately. Again, it's just a matter of whether I interpreted what everyone said correctly.

3. Only parts which I remember will be reported. And the only ones I remember are ones I (sorta) understand so...gomen!

4. I'm in both fandoms but it's more of 80% tobikko 20% arashian. Therefore apologies if my inner fangirl can be sensed only when talking about certain members.

5. I don't think of myself as such but I can be bimbotic when it comes to writing, so sorry if my writing style sickens you.

Anyway, PLEASE do not take this report word for word; check out other fans' reports too and if you see any discrepency on my part feel free to let me know in the comments below!

It begins here!Collapse )

That's it! Apologies for all the emoticons, but those were really my facial expressions when I was typing this out haha! I do hope you had a great time reading this, and may YOU have the opportunity to catch Waku Waku Gakko in future.



Blessed am I.

When I was a child I yearned to get my hair straightened because I felt straight hair was pretty while curly hair was not. And because I liked to follow my sister's ideas. My mom would go, 'people perm their hair to get locks like yours, and you want to get rid of what people yearn for??'. In my 6 year old mind I was like meh, what has that got to do with anything? But now I know. It's a simple lesson: be grateful with what you have. I've finally embraced my curls; although frizzy, with some hair oil it looks gorgeous~ Blessed am I to realize the important lesson, and to change my way of viewing things.

I got a job! Although it's contract and doesn't even require university qualifications, I'm happy. But sometimes I can't help but feel unsatisfied with the income I'm receiving. Well, it is expected, but still. Then, again I realized. There are so many other things that can be gained just from the act of working itself! Experience. Friendship. Courage. Resilience. Work makes you grow up. I literally felt as though I've graduated from life as a student, even though commencement won't be till next month. You're forced to be an adult. No more whining. No more being a brat. And so again, the same lesson. Blessed am I to have the opportunity, while many others still struggle to get a job.

I got scolded today. By a loved one. By my mom. It felt painful, especially since I was just trying to help. But it's Ramadhan. A month where we shy away from evil and non-muslim acts. I was sad. I wanted to be angry. But then what is the point in doing so? Never be angry with your parents. They have done everything for you, and sometimes they crack. That's all. Nothing complicated. Forgive them, Ramadhan or no. I'm finding it difficult to completely let go though. I'm the sort that can't help but harbour grudges.

Lastly, a lot of activities for JUMP yea! I am such a proud tobikko haha. I will, Insyaa allah if I can remember, always be praying for you, praying that the fate that Allah s.w.t has written for you includes spending the rest of eternity in Jannah. Insyaa allah.

Important note to self: when asking God for something, make sure you want it with all your heart. Have all the hope in the world that it will happen. If not then why ask for it if you think you most likely won't get it?



These guys are top quality. Full Stop.

My favourite song/PV from them currently:

Girlfriend is awesome too; it's used in Inoo's current drama (Tatakau! Shoten Girl), which was how I actually found them. For once I'm early (these guys just celebrated their first anniversary last month!); no more whining about being slow this time haha!

Akito (checkered shirt guy) stole my heart first, but after watching a program I've fallen in love with all 8 of them. Never knew it'd be possible for me to like 17 guys now HAH.

These guys actually do a lot of covers too, and by a lot I mean A LOT. Here's the latest as of today; lovely harmony and they're finally smiling! (you'll get what I mean once you see their older covers)

But more than their looks and height (they're all at least 180cm), what I love as much as their strong vocals is the image that they are given! Cleancut gentlemen, it's so refreshing to see. Hopefully they will continue to keep it up (please Avex, don't screw this up) and get to produce songs which can showcase their quality voices more.

I would like to take this opportunity to whine about the tiny online fanbase they have since they are extremely new; can't seem to find many videos about them. :,( But besides that, I hope anyone who came across this entry, intentionally or unintentionally, will give the videos I linked a chance. Trust me, it's worth it (Y)
Why do weird guys keep staring at me. I feel so grossed out.
I have a really good knack for joining fandoms right before something singapore-related pops up. やまちゃんに会いたい!

Update & Musings

Two weeks after the last final paper and I still haven't started jobhunting. I don't feel like it ughh.

Wednesday is grad night. I don't feel like wearing makeup just for the sake of it. On the other hand my face looks horrible with the recent breakout. But I still don't really want to put on makeup. Argh let's just wing it!

Last friday's shopping trip to look for a friend's grad night outfit was fun and a success!! Felt like that section in ヒルナンデス where models compete to see who can dress up other celebrities the best.

Been helping mom with housecleaning. Doing it while fasting will be tiring so we're starting now and going slow but steady. I should start waking up early.

Been accompanying mom to take care of granny either on tuesday or thursday. I'm not close to her but it hurts seeing her getting more frail and forgetful.

Got tickets for takizawa kabuki in sg! Really owe my newlymade friend for having quick fingers. We got good seats because of her! Thanks Xinyi!! <3

JUMP will release their fourth album on 2015.06.24!!! I'm so proud of them. From an album every 2 years, and not even from their debut year mind you, to finally having one consecutively with the previous one, in addition to TWO singles already released THIS YEAR ALONE. Keep on growing boys! I wish for your happiness and safety in this world and the hereafter.

I slacked off from my diet D': It's because I keep going out so I don't have a choice but to eat out. Sigh. On the other hand mummy dearest got me a grand total of 8 clothing items (plus two pairs of shoes) during these past two weeks! I feel so weird having so many nice clothes all of a sudden and being pampered. Oh well!

Oh oh and momsies gave me her SKII Miracle Water! Whyy mommy it's yours! It stinks by the way; I have no idea how anyone can stand the smell.

That's all I guess.(((o(♡´▽`♡)o)))
UGH dude please get the hint; I'm not interested! Stop pming me oh mah gawd. You better not be disturbing my friends for my number. And my friends better be smart enough to NOT give out my number freely. UGH gonna see him tomorrow in Japanese final. Why. I know I've been fretting about being single my whole life but I didn't ask to get attention from someone whom I have TOTALLY NO INTEREST IN. Ya Allah please let my jodoh be someone who suits me please please. Please don't bring in guys who, sorry to say, don't matter to me. Dx PLEASE YA ALLAH!!

Is it ironic that I'm listening to a song called TRAP like right now *facepalm*